Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Edge of the Divine by Sandi Patty

One definition of an edge is "the point at which something is likely to happen" begins Sandi's powerful book about her weight loss struggles, her faith, her family and her life. Sometimes brutally honest, sometimes funny, sometimes sad, but always uplifting, joyful, emotional and hard-hitting. She delves into her lifelong struggles with weight loss, her decision (years in the making) to have lap-band surgery and the resulting "revelations" that come into her life as a result.

Her book leans heavily on her faith as a Christian, but isn't "preachy"....just full of her belief in God and all that we can accomplish through Him.

She gives us a glimpse into her childhood, her marriages, her children and her life as the top performing (and award-winning) Christian singer in today's realm of Christian music. Her struggles have not been in vain, for I feel she has reached a level of contentment in her life, that few of us have obtained. But she gives great insight into how we can ALL reach this same level but believing in ourselves and in God's plan for us. Sandi manages to reveal some of her life's toughest moments and relates the stories and end results (mostly happy ones) a way that causes you to feel that you've known her forever and gone through those tough times with her.

A VERY gripping book, one that you will be glad you read. One from which you will gain some measure of insight into your own life, whether it be your own struggles with weight/health issues, marriage, children or your career. A book that I read in one sitting! I simply could not put it down! Do yourself a favor and pick this wonderful book up as soon as you can. You won't regret it!

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