Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Captured by Grace

A fabulously written book on God's Grace and how we are all worthy of it. Dr. David Jeremiah takes us through the journeys, trials and tribulations of Paul and John Newton, the man who wrote the hymn, "Amazing Grace". With biblical references, quotes from scripture and his own (and his staff's) many hours of research, we get a clear picture of not only the true meaning of Grace, but how it can enrich our lives. A very thought-provoking book, easy to read and well worth adding to your collection.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Follow The Money

Not at all what I thought it would be. Don't really KNOW what I expected, but this book was so blew me away! A collection of interconnected short stories where each "chapter" introduces new characters, but also weaves in some previous ones in such a devious way that you are basically left with your mouth hanging open. I absolutely LOVED this book! I won't give away too much of the plot...that would really ruin it for everyone (because you HAVE to read this book!)...but let's just say there is a bunch, and I mean a BUNCH of money involved. A cast of the most misfit characters I've ever met (and yes, you'll feel like you met them too when you're finished). Ross' way of writing is'll catch yourself either laughing or shaking your head because you just GET it! Highly recommended. Great job Ross (now, seriously...where's the money?).

Dirty Little Angels

I LOVED this book! Not only did I fall for and keep rooting for the characters...specially Hailey, I wanted their story to continue. I was not ready for it to end. Set in New Orleans...this "coming of age" story is full of drama, intrigue, mystery, death, drugs, sex and just about everything else there is in life. Sadness, love, anger and forgiveness. Although the characters live in a down-trodden part of town, although there isn't much to do to occupy them (hence the cause of SOME of the trouble they get into), they still HAVE lives (as some of us seem to forget when thinking of people in their situation). They do the best they can with what they have. Chris is able to portray a pretty valid comparison, although unstated...that their lives can closely parallel anyone else's matter level of education, social status, bank balance, etc. This book is gripping and as others have said...a "new" To Kill A Mockingbird. It's THAT thought-provoking. You'll find yourself thinking about it days after your finished with it.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ned the Nihilist by Adam Thomas

A surprisingly good short interpretive story about a guy whose days are destined to repeat themselves. What he does and doesn't do on a daily basis, is the key to how this man's life unravels. And unravel it does! From a rather humdrum, boring life to one of life's most horrible events....Ned's journey is both fascinating and revolting...but in a way that could all too easily happen to any of us.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alien Cradle

I read the ebook version of this book and loved it! Jeff Inlo does it again! Set in the's a story of space scouts, space pirates, aliens, science, unexplored planets and galaxies, mining for precious gems, the "governments" of the future and just how much trouble the main character Rath Scampion can get into...and believe me, he gets into trouble! You don't know whether to hate the guy or root for him. Sometimes his scruples are less than desirable, but having to live the way he does, you almost feel sorry for him. The story moves along at a good pace and keeps you interested. It's not so full of spacey technical details that you feel lost, but has just enough to make you able to envision the spaceships they use, the planets they go to, etc. All in all, an excellent that people of all ages will like.
Available at Amazon on CD or several other sites as e-book. Just do a Google search.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Unsaid Words of My Life by Isaias Doleo Ochoa

A small book full of love poems, quotations and insights into love and relationships. It's rather hard for me to determine whether the author is relaying her own experiences or setting forth poems for others to gain inspiration from, but no matter, they are good. I found the book to be too short actually. Would have preferred there to be more content, but all in all, a good read, full of emotion.