Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Alien Cradle

I read the ebook version of this book and loved it! Jeff Inlo does it again! Set in the's a story of space scouts, space pirates, aliens, science, unexplored planets and galaxies, mining for precious gems, the "governments" of the future and just how much trouble the main character Rath Scampion can get into...and believe me, he gets into trouble! You don't know whether to hate the guy or root for him. Sometimes his scruples are less than desirable, but having to live the way he does, you almost feel sorry for him. The story moves along at a good pace and keeps you interested. It's not so full of spacey technical details that you feel lost, but has just enough to make you able to envision the spaceships they use, the planets they go to, etc. All in all, an excellent that people of all ages will like.
Available at Amazon on CD or several other sites as e-book. Just do a Google search.

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